Our Journey so far

Below we've documented a few key days of the project so far. 

Keep an eye out for more photos to come. 


We learnt a lot about wellness today interviewing Hannah. Late night checking in with Jonathan at Soda Inc. Cranking through some HWGH work, the excitement for this project is high.


Meeting Hamilton-based photographer Mark Hamilton today was a real treat. Mark gave his support to the project - he is on board as official photographer. Can not wait to see more photos like the ones on his website showing up in our project! https://www.markhamilton.nz/


Jonathan and Eve getting snapped by the great Mark Hamilton for an article by Katrina Tanirau in the Piako Post. Excited to have our first taste of outside interest in the project!


Winter chills, puffy eyes, nothing like a bit of How we got Happy work to keep our spirits up! The support between us as friends has evolved more and more as we progress into this adventure.


"Can I have a photo with me, myself and I?" - Jonathan


At the gym - a real happy place for Holly. Holly comes from Whakatane, but flew in from her new home (Sydney) for today's interview.


A fun filled day with some of the crew getting together, meeting each other, and getting their profile shots done with Mark in his studio. These days are what we love the most.


Kylee looking through her shots with a couple of magpies gawking in.


Mark in the studio capturing Cheyenne who has come all the way up from Wellington to be part of this project!


Mark's not afraid to get amongst the sand and salt, where Cheyenne finds her comfort zone.
Mark and Cheyenne looking back through photos. What a pleasure it was to have Cheyenne up for the day. She has such a positive energy and shared great wisdom. We can't wait to share it with you!


Post-interview in Hamilton with Tyler. Tyler is a great guy who was happy to open up about what he does to stay well. The smiles say it all.


Sharing stories over food. Old friends Jonathan and James (from Auckland) after a really interesting interview.


Drinking tea and acting like a sleeping bag caterpillar make for a great recipe for productivity. Yes, its 3pm and yes, Jonathan hasn't left the house today. What a good weekend!


Head down, bums up. It’s another good evening at Soda Inc together! Nearing something exciting coming for Mental Health Awareness week!! Keep an eye out!


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