How We Got Happy:

Stories of Health, Hope & Happiness from 20 Young Kiwis who Beat Depression.

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100% of authors' profits go directly to the Mental Health Foundation of NZ.

Sharing the tools healthy young people are using to stay well.

Not a "how-to" guide, but a place for the constructive sharing of wellness tools.

Soak up the stories via printed hard-cover, social media, and online.

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100% of authors' profits from book sales and other initiatives are being donated to:

Feedback for How We Got Happy

"How We Got Happy is our youth sharing their stories and ways they got well. Sharing in these stories will help us climb our Everest of mental health - AWESOME!"

- Sir John Kirwan KNZM MBE

"This book reveals insights which today's young people are not often exposed to through social media - they're positive, honest and real. These stories should be in every home in New Zealand."

- Margaret Forsyth ONZM

"How We Got Happy gives a much-needed perspective. A light, open and surprisingly mature look into what keeps young Kiwis well - proving we can learn positive lessons from our younger generation. Nice to see such a positive take on a highly relevant topic."

- Mahé Drysdale MNZM

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